Recent reports suggest that the Taliban is able to raise $400 million each year to finance its governance and terrorism activities. The Taliban raises funds in a variety of ways such as through the taxation of the opium trade, through taxation and extortion, as well as control of mines and mineral extraction. The group also […]

The Islamic State in Afghanistan has financed some of its terrorist attacks and activities in Pakistan through kidnappings for ransom. Three men were arrested in Karachi for financing the Islamic State in Afghanistan through kidnappings for ransom.┬áThe men conducted 5-6 kidnappings and sent the money to the Islamic State in Afghanistan through hundi and hawala […]

START has undertaken a new (and novel) analysis of terrorist financing. The organization has created a new dataset of geocoded entities drawn from state and international lists of sanctioned individuals and entities. While there are not a lot of surprises (Pakistan, Afghanistan, and the United States feature strongly as geographies of terrorist financing), the analysis […]

Pakistan has begun seizing funds and assets associated with LeT founder Hafiz Saeed. Pakistan amended a decades-old anti-terrorism law in order to facilitate the seizure, allowing the country to take action on individuals and entities listed by the United Nations Security Council. Interestingly, it appears that the government is re-naming the seized organizations instead of […]