Israeli security services have disrupted a Hamas financing scheme that used trade to move value into West Bank and Gaza Strip.   In the scheme, a senior Hamas figure used his financial exchange business to contract Gaza businessmen, persuading them to work with him in exchange for financial benefits. Textile merchants appear to have been […]

Israel has arrested a woman for allegedly smuggling money to Hamas. The woman, a Turkish national, was arrested at the airport in Tel Aviv on her way back to Turkey. The report provided few details about how the woman smuggled the money. It is possible that she brought  cash with her when she flew into […]

In March 2018, the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) arrested a number of individuals in Ramallah for receiving funds from Hamas. The individuals (mostly students at Birzit University) received approximately €150,000. The funds were funnelled to the head of a Hamas-affiliated student group by Hamas member Yassin Rabia. The money is reported to have come […]

Israel’s domestic security service announced that it arrested two individuals on suspicion of raising and laundering money for Hamas. One of the individuals is reported to have set up a shell company to assist in the laundering of funds and to have moved a large amount of money from Turkey to Gaza for Hamas. Turkey […]