Recent analytic work conducted by GIABA and FATF has revealed trends and typologies of how terrorists in West Africa finance their activities. Terrorists finance their activities through trade, non-governmental and charitable organizations, taxation, through criminal activities such as the smuggling of weapons, and drug trafficking. They move their funds through cash couriers, as well as […]

The Canada Revenue Agency has stripped the Ottawa Islamic Centre and Assalam Mosque of its charitable status for “activities that promote hate and intolerance” after audits raised concerns about some of the speakers the centre had invited.  According to the CRA, one of the speakers has called women “deficient”, said that “Christians and Jews were […]

There are a good number of issues with this report on UK charities put out by the Henry Jackson society, starting with the idea that a country can reasonably and effectively police the individuals who are “involved” with a charity (outside of the role of directors or persons of influence) in volunteer roles, supporters, attendees, […]