The US Department of the Treasury has sanctioned two individuals involved in money transfers to ISIL members.

Syria-based dual US-Trinidadian national Emraan Ali served as a financial facilitator for ISIL members. He received funds from Trinidad and distributed them to Trinidadian ISIL fighters. Some of those funds appear to have originated with Eddie Aleong, a Trinidad-based facilitator who sent funds to individuals in ISIL-controlled territory.

Analysis: Individuals who fought with ISIL or lived in ISIL-controlled territory frequently used intermediaries or financial facilitators to receive funds. In some cases, this was an attempt to obscure their involvement in the transactions. In other instances, the use of financiers / facilitators was a function of money services businesses being unavailable in their area; instead, funds would be transferred to a central individual who could travel to retrieve the funds and then distribute them in ISIL territory.

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ISIL, Terrorist Financing


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