A website dedicated to funding ‘jihadi projects’ has launched on the dark web. The website, which is essentially a crowdfunding website that receives donations through cryptocurrencies and is housed on the dark web, allows individuals to contribute to specific projects and buy material and equipment for ‘jihadis’. 

Donors provide funds through three cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Monero, and Ethereum. 

To date, no transactions have been made on the project’s lead bitcoin address. 

Analysis: This project combines a number of elements of terrorist financing that have been seen in recent years: use of the dark web, use of cryptocurrencies, and crowdfunding. Allowing people to donate small amounts of money and choose what project the funds are directed towards mirrors broader trends in charitable giving, but this time with a terrorist angle. Of course, verifying the ‘jihadi’ credentials of the creators is difficult. Some suggest that the project is in fact a TOR scam.

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Terrorist Financing


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