Israel has arrested a woman for allegedly smuggling money to Hamas. The woman, a Turkish national, was arrested at the airport in Tel Aviv on her way back to Turkey.

The report provided few details about how the woman smuggled the money. It is possible that she brought  cash with her when she flew into Tel Aviv and then provided it to the terrorist organization.

Update: The woman was reportedly asked to deliver 15 bottles of perfume to an unnamed man, and give $500 to a another person in Israel. She was ultimately unable to meet up with the individual and provide them the cash.

Analysis: While new technologies and fund movement mechanisms like Bitcoin and TransferWise are much discussed in terms of risks for terrorist financing, the tried and tested method of using cash couriers is still widely used amongst terrorist organizations. Cash can be completely anonymous and is easily spent and transported, making it an excellent vehicle for terrorists and illicit actors.

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Hamas, Terrorist Financing


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