The UK’s National Terrorist Financial Investigation Unit, a part of the Metropolitan Police’s Counter Terrorism Command, has successfully prosecuted a woman for terrorist financing offences.

Officers traced a payment of £1,500 made in January 2015 to Khranjit Nijjer’s husband, a suspected fighter with ISIL in Syria. The investigators were able to find evidence that she was aware and supportive of her husband’s terrorist activities. In addition to the funds, she also provided her husband with other material, such as chargers, solar panels, battery packs and clothing, all material that could help him carry out his operational activities with ISIL.

Instead of conducting the transaction herself, she used a proxy (a male friend) to send the money for her.

Implications: While the amount of money involved is not large, the funds and material provided could have enhanced ISIL’s ability to fight and conduct operations. This case also sets an important example of prosecuting all levels of terrorist financing.

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