On 17 May 2018, reports indicated that a Canadian in Thunder Bay, Ontario, used proceeds from his coffee business to finance the alt-right. Thomas White donated some of his profits to the Daily Stormer legal defence fund and other causes such as Chris Cantwell’s (the crying neo-Nazi) Legal Defense Fund, the Right Stuff forum, Identity Evropa, the Fash the Nation podcast, and the Suidlanders, a far-right South African survivalist group. The funds were donated using Bitcoin, a favourite funds movement mechanism of the alt-right.

White acknowledged that a lack of funds can de-platform the alt-right, making it difficult to spread their message, attract new recruits, and generally make their ideology less accessible.

Analysis: Efforts to de-platform the alt-right have been most successful when they focus on the financial aspect. For many of the individuals implicated in spreading extremist messaging, hosting a website, podcast, forums and chatrooms can become an expensive proposition, and takes up significant amounts of time. Without funds, these individuals are forced to close or serious reduce the scale of their activities.

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alt-right, extremist financing


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