Around 2015, US-based Mohamed Elshinawy made contact with an ISIL external operative recruiter and began planning  and attack in the US. The attack plan first involved the assassination of an individual (unspecified). When it became clear that Elshinawy was unable to complete that attack, ISIL directed him to conduct a mass-casualty attack. Over the course of the planning for these attacks, ISIL sent Elshinawy over $8,400 to support his attack planning activities. The funds were transferred through Western Union and PayPal transactions, and involved shell companies in Bangladesh, Turkey, the UK, and an intermediary in Egypt. This case demonstrates that while there may be a number of individuals who aspire to commit attacks, some of them lack even the most basic financial capabilities to acquire the weapons and material to realize those ambitions.


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  1. […] a cover company called Advance Technology Global Ltd. The companies were also used to send money to a man (Mohamed Elshinawy) living in the United States to conduct a terrorist […]



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