If you’re looking for a broad overview of the cryptocurrency sector, look no further, as Cambridge’s Centre for Alternative Finance has produced an in-depth analysis on the subject. It provides a robust overview of the different industry sectors (exchanges, wallets, payments and mining) with loads of visuals and data.

The one thing missing (though likely not the point of the study) is a discussion of the sector by illicit actors. Recent reports have highlighted terrorist groups’s interest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, and others have also illustrated that state actors, seeking to avoid sanctions, may be mining cryptocurrency (DPRK specifically). All of the sectors outlined in the study are vulnerable to use by threat actors: they can use the exchanges to move money, the wallets to store it, payments to use it, and mining to generate it.

Despite this limitation, the study is a useful reference for anyone working in or near the sector.

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Compliance, Money Laundering, sanctions evasion, Terrorist Financing


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